Novice Final

  • TH supports the use of tiger parenting techniques. View Info Slide
  • Grand Final

  • THS significant pressure within social movements to ‘sacrifice yourself for the greater good’ e.g. risking jail, violence, or going on hunger strikes.
  • Semifinals

  • This House Believes that Decisions on Sentencing and Parole Should Be Based Purely on a Court's Estimate of a Convict's Chance of Reoffending (and the Court Should not Give Independent Weight to Other Factors like the Severity of the Crime, or the Need for Deterrence)
  • Round 5

  • This House Supports BRICS* Countries Creating Alternatives to the Current International Economic Institutions (i.e. the IMF, the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization) *Brazil, Russia, India, China and South-Africa
  • Round 4

  • This Believes that Western Liberal Democracies Should Implement a Competency-Based System of Legal Rights View Info Slide
  • Round 3

  • This House, as the Dutch Government, Would Push for a Hard Brexit rather than a Soft Brexit
  • Round 2

  • This House Regrets the Narrative that there is a Single Soulmate for Everyone
  • Round 1

  • This House Prefers Political Systems with Strict Party Discipline to Those Where Party Leaders have Little Control over How Legislators Vote